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Best Quality: The company infrastructure and practices ensure the finest quality of construction bars consistently amongst all available in the market.
1. More strength of bars
2. Uniform quality along complete length
3. Precise weight control and gauge control
4. Perfect round shape throughout the length of the bar
5. Better bonding strength
Actual Cost Savings: Using Polaad bars the cost on construction bars can be saved up to 15-20 % very conveniently.
1. Polaad bars are precisely made in the desired sizes and weights. The non branded bars are generally over sized, resulting in more quantity of steel being consumed unnecessarily, thus monitory losses.
2. Polaad bars guarantee the strength of the bars up to the grade of the bars. The designing of the structure is generally done on 415 basis and taking higher safety factor. The designing can be done as per the strength and therefore, steel quantities can be optimized.
Availability: Polaad, in spite of being the best product in the market, is easily available. The standard scarcity experienced with other brands and inconsistency of supply is never experienced with Polaad.
Better Practices: At Bhagyalaxmi steels much better practices are followed in supply chain and hence Polaad bars are better in value realization to customers.
1.  The bars are always supplied in fixed lengths; no bars of random lengths are given. This
     reduces the wastage at the customers end.
2.  The packing of the bundles is done with fixed numbers of bars in every bundle.
3.  Every dispatch carries a set of documents, material list, instructions to be followed, test 
     certificate, and a delivery challan to be returned.
4.  The truck is properly sealed to take care that there is no stealing of the material during

Delivery Services: At Bhagyalaxmi, we reduce the discomfort at the unloading end by providing single window service. The customer does not have to pay at the unloading time. All commercial aspects will be carried out at the billing and payment time.

Pay as per weight received: To help the customer pay at true value, now Polaad bars are charged only by weight unloaded at the customers end. NO WEIGHT SHORTAGES TO BE PAID ANY MORE. The only thing the customer has to do is to cross check the weight at both ends and give an acknowledgment of the unloaded weight with him.
Fresh Steel: Polaad bars coming out of Bhagyalaxmi will never be corroded in any season. Care is taken that the bars are always fresh. This reduces the chances of corrosion of the bars even before its use.
Packing of bundles: Polaad bars are not tied using the end cut of bars. This general practice adds to the cost of customer as it is a scrap that is being sold to the customer at construction bars rate. At Bhagyalaxmi steels the Polaad bars are tied using plastic strips of lowest weight. This saves customers the cost of scrap.
Instant Information: At Bhagyalaxmi Steels we provide instant information of all your loading schedule, dispatches and priority loading within a day of completion of order formality.



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